mirror talk.

hello.. i see you're smoking cigarettes and skipping meals again.
they say take care but you don't really know how to do that, do you?
you'll continue to brush it off, assert the idea that nothing is a big deal. you indulge into aloofness and all things half empty.
you'll hop in the car with no direction- just your body's impulse as your navigator.
you'll turn the volume full blast and play heavy songs that engage with your body kinetics. you can't dance so you'll just go over the speed limit by 40 mph.
you'll find yourself at the beach again when it's only the moon keeping you company.
maybe you'll pour your heart out onto a piece of paper and put it in the bottle for the ocean to deliver to the next curious stranger.
maybe you'll think that's pointless and let your thoughts evaporate.
maybe you'll enter the sea.

why are people so masochistic? they love to break their own hearts.

will you come back..?