there is no true point to this website i'll be honest..!!
simply put.. i'll say this is merely a site that may serve as fuel to my narcissistic perception that suggests
i hold any true significance to this realm where eight billion others are afloat..
you may call it an online diary or a journal or a (to be) vast collection of my daily observations and pondering..
i have an average amount of knowledge. i am no philosopher. i am not jesus in the making- though i could be if i truly desired so.
in this lovely age of aquarius, many are coming to realize that it is mind over matter.
you can be anything if you wanted to. fuck it!
what i want to be.. i still have a loose idea. i'm a simpleton really. a midwit if you rather. i just want to do whatever i please.
if i want to be some breakthrough actress that stars in sitcoms and other dramas and award winning films, may so i be one.
if i want to dedicate my life to raising various animals in a small wooden home somewhere deep in the oregon forest, may i do that!
i do realize that i should have a more clear direction and end goal... day by day shall my purpose and true desires be unveiled.
maybe i'll end up doing web design.. nah. whatever.
well.. i hope you enjoy whatever bullshit that comes out of my mind.. hopefully i spew out something insightful one day.....
will update as i please.. take care ♥♥