we could slice some mangoes and then dance on the sand to the drums of bora bora.. or would you rather we rest on a hammock and drink out of coconuts and allow the sun embrace our skin? together we would shine golden. we could return to a place that we call home and share the next forenoon where the birds will greet us after our slumber.. perhaps i will then prepare us cups of tea with honey to give you the slightest bit of warmth and sweetness as the morning frost will try to bite against our flesh.. maybe there will come a day that eventually this intoxication has lost its effect

p erhaps then, one of us will take our leave.

do not worry about me.. i will already be prepared for such a scenario for i have no issue with each other living within a sweet, adoring memory where i’ll recall the first time i became captivated and intrigued with just a single, simple glance. will we surpass my pessimism and we carry out this love story until armageddon? i would hate to be a fool to believe so.. but

we could grow old and bring our generational curses to termination.

we would pick fruit from a garden that has aged with us. paint us such a divine portrait that it should be exhibited in the louvre….

... wont you make your decision?

..... oh.. to be someone's golden girl.....

<<........ come into my bedroom

come into my bedroom

come into my bedroom

come into my bedroom.......>>

         will you come back..?

wont you return home...?