you know me already.. dont you? 

or would you like to see how i introduce myself?

i am simple girl.. really

there's nothing too special about me.. or that could just be me trying to be humble......

i am not sure how i want to convey myself without revealing too much information yet i have overshared so much before.. will it really make a difference now.. i wonder..

hmm.... well i am len. that's a nickname of course! derived from the middle of my name just to emphasize the correct pronunciation of [millenna] since many people tend to butcher that up.

lets see.. i often think that i am a walking paradox. i am everything and also nothing. i am one thing while also the other. i truly think everything depends on the day and my mood but that can be applicable to many others.. whether u blame it on the planets.. the stars.. numbers.. an unstable perception of life itself... up to you really.. i also think it depends on who you are.. what you may mean to me..

i would like to believe i am rather easy to talk to but others can testify against that but on my best days, i love conversation... still i do have a fond appreciation for silences as well. i'll state that i'm an entp if that matters.. chaotic neutral.. if ur into all of that.. depending on who you ask, some may disagree to the statement that i am an emotional person but i just have severely delayed emotional responses.. but yes! i do have feelings too u know! its funny to think about the varying feedback if you asked others to describe who i am.. but what is usually common is that i am blunt and lighthearted!

i've tried many hobbies and only really stuck with art.. whether it be graphic designing, dancing, illustrating.. i cant paint for my life tho. i'll learn eventually! i'm considered to be a quick learner you know.. i made this website in about 3 hours of my first day teaching myself some html after reminiscing about myspace since i love the early 00's aesthetic oh so much .. i am in the middle of learning several other hobbies but i am not yet confident with my skill level..... i shall keep those secret for now hehe

i think i've said enough to show my character.. . most of the things i say tend to be out of irony but i think i'll try to be my authentic self on here. i am very generous. very cool. i like people. i have much swag.. if u made it this far here is a token of my appreciation! i hope u like sweets <3   ta-da! it is a strawberry pie. hope u like it.

"surely, there must have been a moment between us where even this dullness was something new and exciting"

wont you return home..?