its funny coming across old writings of mine, especially the little stories and scenarios my lil preteen mind imagined. what makes it extremely humorous to me is how many of these scenarios have actually manifested into my life outside of this fantasy realm of mine. i often dismiss any inconveniences in my life by telling myself it's all apart of the script i have written. because it is.
i doubt i'll ever disclose what events in my life that has already been mirrored from these lil passages of mine but for the most part, a majority of the most dramatic occurences that has happened over these years have been.. written down.. as a story..
i dont know how to make this make sense.. im sure u can understand, i believe in u.. beloved reader..

well anyway.. i work two jobs again, as of now at least. today was my first day at the second job i got and im not so sure if i want it. i dont want to work in general. i kind of just want to dedicate life to my shitty 'creative' expressions forever.

i'll tell you.. reader.. if you dont already know.. i work with desserts! isnt it fitting..? imagine me serving u a yummy souffle, made w/ love! at least love as i know it! hehe.. i dont think anyone in my age group truly knows what love is. it'd be rather naive to suggest otherwise..

i think some of us have a good grasp of it though.. actually maybe i shall mention that one of my old bosses would constantly vent to me and seek relationship advice which i found odd as she was very well in her mid 30's. she'd claim i'm so wise for my age

old soul gang.. 

while i feel that i am still learning many things, i also feel that many truths i come across have already been stored in my memory long ago.. i am not sure what i am in this lifetime for.. i really do not.

i have much potential for a variety of things.. i considered becoming a teacher but its rather difficult to keep my interst in a single subject.. i get quite bored easily. i thought maybe i could teach a high school psychology class or something but i hate teenagers.

iono.. does this bore you, reader? watching me enter this existential dread? i apologize! allow me to change the tone.

i learned how to make rolled ice cream today! it's apart of the menu at my lil job.. it's a little harder than it looks.. hopefully i grow a liking to it so i dont hate working. did you learn anything today, reader? i hope so. if not, that's alright.. another day will come.

it is currently 11:37 pm.. perhaps i shall sleep now. thanks for your time, youre the best!