its gonna be a better year...

welcome back reader! i think of us often.. i just get rather lazy and forget to provide such updates.. but i'm back! i can promise that i've been in better moods as the timeline progresses.. i have been granted better friends, a better car, and a new home! i feel that i become more and more lively, i think i'm remembering my true character again.. isn't that exciting?

now i doubt that you'll check this out but i feel like i wake up each day feeling a bit more fulfilled.. im not sure how to exactly describe what i feel like as i progress through each date that flies by.. but this song can hopefully illustrate it better than i can.. there will always be an underlying feeling of doubt and fear of the unknown but i find that now, i embrace such insecurities and open to the various possibilities and occurrences that will soon come..

i once again took a fair break from my main platforms of social media.. i typically do that when i feel like "rebranding" where i just take more time to be introspective and live life outside of the internet. 
i'm not very pleased with the amount of time i have dedicated towards browsing the internet, i got my own laptop when i was in kindergarten and while i feel that it somehow helped me explored a vast amount of knowledge and also contributed greatly to my character development (lol) i definitely feel that it had its own detriments as an elementary student definitely should not be exposed to what i have stumbled across back then. it definitely solidified a sense of pessimism and being overly critical on my youthful age group for "all being the same and basic"  

of course i grew to acknowledge that those people who i perceive as "basic" are just as fine people as i would perceive one who seems extraordinary. they remind me to truly enjoy the simpler things, nothing wrong with that. also reader, as my mood improves i came to remember how to be grateful for literally everything in my life. i love life and everything in it. that includes of course the negatives that seem to plague the world as we know it but one big theme i emphasize is the beauty of balance and duality. the good AND the bad. that's what makes life, life! i'm sure you're aware that you can not have one thing without the other. 

take the leap of faith.. reader.. cry when you need to.. let it hurt.. embrace it.. then cherish the good! the joy! it's all a cycle anyway. it's bound to happen. you'll be back up again.. learn by being and living.

will you come back..?